Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Patriotism in our Country

Here goes a coversation with a strager...now no more a stranger.....

Dear Santosh,
Its great to know your thoughts... Shall I ask you one question? If you dont mind...
Warm Regards
Jai Hind... Jai Hind ki Sena!

hi,sure, but tell me who you are and what are you? do i know you....aeryou going to introduce yourself?cheers!Santosh

***********No More Starnger (Sunil)
Dear Santosh,
Great to ... RECe Ur message. No You dont me. I was Watching Netaji... I found you.
I am Sunil Kumar
From Mumbai
I am some what relate to Aerospace tech

hi,cool...ok, so you wanted to ask me something...what is it?Regards,Santosh S

No.... What can I tell about myself? When We ll meet... Cool... So You are a patriot.... Great
Watch bharat-rakshak.com abeautiful site some btfl photos of Sukhoi maintained by Mr. Jagan Pillai

The below was your first mail..."Dear Santosh,Its great to know your thoughts... Shall I ask you one question? Ifyou dont mind...Warm RegardsSuneilJai Hind... Jai Hind ki Sena"So what is your question..i don't mind..tell me? I mean ask me?JaiHind...

Hi Dear...
I got the answer.... You are Patriot..

ok, whats the big deal in that...i think everyone is a patriot...itsjust when the correct time comes they will show off....what do you saysuneil...

Dear Santosh,
No... Its a big deal.. Unfortunately.. There is no patriotism in our country. Nobody loves nation.. Actually they dont feel that this land, property, trains belong to us .It belong to the Govt and we are not part of it. So U ll find irt in train, toilets and roads. In small things there is patriotism starts. When you dont love such things... You dont bother who is ruling you.. only that Me, my family, my home thats all! Let Vajpayee, Sonia, Bush or Musharraf... makes no difference for them.

Dear Suneil,Points to be noted, but did we ever bother what you and me are doingtowards this country.By the way, do you blog....I do...check it on http://surabisantosh.blogspot.com/send me your link.....Regards,Santosh S.

Dear Santosh,
Yes I do, Even when I am travelling, My friends don't like my attitude.I try to clean or prevent gandagi and try to maintain cleanliness and saftey for myself and other pass.Yes I do pay incometax.Yes I have sacrificed my life to my country.These are things not to be mentoined you have to do and forget.
Jai Hind Jai Hind ki sena

well, that was the conversation between me and sunil... will soon write on the above conversation...

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leena said...

hi..thx for dropping by my blog.

cant help noticing u guys' thoughts on patriotism. i'll just summarize my thoughts.back here in malaysia,patriotism is seen when it comes to celebrations and reflections of the past.like lately when the tsunami struck,folks from all walks of life came together to help and there was no say of what race,colour or religion ur coming from. this is also an essence of patriotism,not just dying for ur country during war...but just being there whenever needed and being a good citizen in a non-war-torn country i guess..