Thursday, April 24, 2008

Google adwords is down

Its a daily ritual to login into google adwords and the check status... as usual, today I tried logging into my account, it logs me in and to my surprise I see a different home page.. did not even care to read what was on that page, thought I might have done some thing wrong.. click on the browser back button and then it logs me in again to the same page.. This time I took time to read the text and you know what GOOGLE ADWORDS IS DOWN. :(

If it is a scheduled maintenance - I would have got a mail, but I did not neither did the message says it is maintenance... I called up my client, asked him to check it from his side.. he couldn't login either.. so we decide GOOGLE ADWORDS IS DOWN because of some technical problem. What could it be? someone hacked it? too much load (I am sure google has a way to tackle this) - what could it be?

What were they thinking??