Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Search Trends 2009

After writing about the google search trends for the year 2009, I got this wired idea about finding out my own search trends for year 2009... I use only google for searching and I use less of address box and more of google search box in the google toolbar for mozilla firefox. And then I remembered that I had activated google web history few months ago... to my surprise google actully has a trends link in google web history. Its kinda scares me how much I use google... :( You can know a lot about me by looking at these search queries... Like what interests me, my work,. what time of the day I am most active etc.., What more.... here I go!!

Top queries

  1. css layout
  2. lorem ipsum
  3. youtube
  4. $ in INR
  5. ===censored===
  6. kalamandir
  7. secunderabad
  8. entrepreneurs blog
  9. jquery image slider
  10. time california

Top sites
  1. www.answers.com
  2. en.wikipedia.org
  3. www.google.com
  4. www.php.net
  5. wordpress.org
  6. www.w3schools.com
  7. groups.google.com
  8. www.youtube.com
  9. ted.com
  10. www.lipsum.com

Top clicks
  1. Lorem Ipsum - All the facts - Lipsum generator
  2. CSS Layout: A collection of 224 Grid and CSS Layouts
  3. Welcome To National Board Of Examination
  4. Go Daddy Coupons, Go Daddy Coupon Codes, Go Daddy Promotions, Go ...
  5. Template Tags/wp list pages « WordPress Codex
  6. http://translate.google.com/
  7. Godaddy promo code and coupon list for 2009 - Page 1 of 45
  8. Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy Helicopter Nallamala Forest ...
  9. jQuery lightBox plugin
  10. Downloading jQuery - jQuery JavaScript Library

Monday, December 21, 2009

India: 2009 Year-End Google Zeitgeist

After my last post on Year-End Zeitgeist, I started to analyze the google search trends in India and try to know whats on the minds of we Indian's...

Here, checkout some interesting stats...

Looks like the Indian youngsters are trying hard to find "how to kiss"... ;) It tops the charts on how to list... Coming to movie list "Love aaj Kal" topping the search quires is disappointing... come on India, lets move on to some realistic movies... stop living in the dream world... there were better movies. "Katrina Kaif" tops the popular celebrities... not bad. "Nokia 5800" tops the search for mobile devices... This mobile started with a price of INR 18k and now down to INR 11k... this shows how much Indians are getting ready for high end mobile devices... pretty good. Indian traveler has surely become net savy... "IRCTC" found third postion on fastest rising search quries... IRCTC has an excellent interface and you can book a train ticket in two easy steps with a credit card or net banking option... Impressed!! Coming to politics Rahul Ghandi seems to be generating lot of buzz with all his tours, some say he is PM in making. And last but not the least... budget 2009 takes the first poisiton in the fastest rising search quires...

Recession queries peaking - then declining - in India

Fastest rising

  1. budget 2009
  2. kambakth ishq
  3. irctc
  4. satyam share price
  5. bhuvan
  6. michael jackson
  7. twitter
  8. election results
  9. windows 7
  10. nokia 5800

Most popular celebrities

  1. katrina kaif
  2. michael jackson
  3. salman khan
  4. aishwarya rai
  5. shahid kapoor
  6. kareena kapoor
  7. shahrukh khan
  8. angelina jolie
  9. megan fox
  10. sachin tendulkar

Most popular movies

  1. love aaj kal
  2. harry potter
  3. slumdog millionaire
  4. kaminey
  5. kambakht ishq
  6. ghajini
  7. hannah montana
  8. dev d
  9. wake up sid
  10. dostana

Most popular

  1. gmail
  2. youtube
  3. yahoomail
  4. orkut
  5. indian railways
  6. yahoo
  7. google
  8. rediffmail
  9. facebook
  10. rediff

Most popular politician

  1. rahul gandhi
  2. indira gandhi
  3. sachin pilot
  4. sarah palin
  5. p chidambaram
  6. mayawati
  7. barack obama
  8. sonia gandhi
  9. rajesh pilot
  10. maneka gandhi

How to

  1. how to kiss
  2. how to hack
  3. how to meditate
  4. how to study
  5. how to swim
  6. how to draw
  7. how to flirt
  8. how to chat
  9. how to concentrate
  10. how to download

Year-End Zeitgeist

zeitgeist /tsīt'gīst'/ The zeitgeist of a particular place during a particular period in history is the attitudes and ideas that are generally common there at that time, especially the attitudes and ideas shown in literature, philosophy, and politics.

Year-End Zeitgeist is a collection of search trends over 2009 that offers a glimpse at the collective consciousness. Google has compiled Zeitgeist since 2001 — this year you can explore what was on the minds of citizens all over the globe, in dozens of languages.

Each year, Google examines the billions of queries that people around the world have typed into Google search to discover the zeitgeist—the spirit of the times. Take a moment, look back at the happenings of 2009—the people, events and memories that made this year unique.

India: http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/press/zeitgeist2009/regional.html#india

United States:

United Kingdom: http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/press/zeitgeist2009/regional.html#united-kingdom

Australia: http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/press/zeitgeist2009/regional.html#australia

Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a new visual search application for Android phones. Now you can search the web by taking a picture, instead of typing in words. Shoot a photo of a landmark, sign, logo, book cover or work of art to get matching search results for your image. For business information, just point your phone at a store, and Goggles will show you the name of the business, using the phone's GPS and compass.