Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Past 2 weeks in my life

From past 2 weeks I have been very busy on week days and had fun on week ends. Had been very busy working in company for almost 10 hours a day and going back to room, was working for one of my customer and then working on my site www.itsupportindia.net, its been hectic but was happy with what I was doing. Over the week I have been reviewing some C and C++ books.

On week ends it was time for fun, we friends worked for few hours on Friday and Saturday on our dream project. Then on Saturday night me, nithin and ragav went out for a dinner. We started from Chandra colony, I was with ragav and nithin picked up another friend sandeep, stoped at anandrao circle – middle of the road  (some work was going on…just stood behind that but it was middle of the road). Then started discussing where togo, we nearly looked for every place each of us has already visited. But no luck, either the place we like was pretty far away or we did not want to go there. It was already 20mins we stood there trying to look up for a place, then nithin called one of his friend asking for some good place for having dinner but no luck the place he recommended was pretty far away. From the moment we stopped there, a sign bored on the right got my eye…sandeep’s too. Atlast we thought how about visiting that….so me and sandeep went inside to see if the restaurant was good, dam it was pretty cool…no artificial lights…candle lights with small trees around the table…cool place…It was “silver oak”…sandeep called nithin and ragav and asked them to come inside…me, nithin and sandeep stated with a beer and ragav with a pineapple juice….slowly apoorva (that’s the first time I met him) joined us (same guy whom nithin called before)…we then started with Smirnoff vodka….the drinks were too good…we all loved it…ragas paid the bill…I loved that dinner. Got into a auto and then went my cousins place…It was easy for my cousin to make out that I was drunk…switched on the system and watched a movie…next day woke up at 10:30....watched a movie in theater and came abck to room after having lunch…then watched another movie and again one more moive…yes…I watched 3 movies in one day…but the 3rd movie we watched was only the second cd…

Then from next day it was the same routine…office..room..office…room… ha, forgot to mention about the auto driver who gave me a cool philosophical lecture when I asked him to take me from shortest route…what ever he said was rite…his argument was.. what ever we do, is for happiness and almost 90% forget that… and run behind money or something which will really not make us happy….it might, but we are behind it so much that we forget to reach our destination - happiness.

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