Monday, October 01, 2007

Multiple instances of Gtalk / Google Talk

For windows users...

I use google apps for my email and can chat on gtalk using my company email address. But then I have been avoiding as google talk (gtalk) allows only one instance of gtalk and since I currently use gmail account for chat, I didn't wanted to lose or rather make it painful for others to add me again and also remember to IM me on company account...

So, did a bit of research on how to run multiple instances of a application and figured out the solution.

Here follow this if you have two or more accounts of gtalk...

If you installed google talk to the default location, you can easily create a shortcut to this setting.

1. Right-click on the desktop
2. Select New
3. Select Shortcut
4. Paste this into the text box: "c:\program files\Google\Google talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex
5. Click Next
6. Name it whatever: BlueCornea Talk Multiple, etc. (:P)
7. Click OK until you are done.

That's it. Click on the shortcut you just created to start another instance.