Monday, July 25, 2005

Food For Thought

Its try it out I am sure you will be happy by the quality of food.... I did not yet place a order though... you can see why :( "we are not delivering to MG Road at all".... but my friend who already placed a order strongly recommended..

here is a quickest reply I ever got from a online vendor..

Hi Santosh,
My name is Vaishali, I am the founder of FoodBuzz.
Well, as of now we are not delivering to MG Road at all. We are open for
both lunch as well as dinner on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and deliver
to Indiranagar, CMH rd, CV Raman Ngr, Jeevan Bima nagar and other areas
near to the ones mentioned.

***some text missing*** ;)

Tel: +91 9448273711