Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rocky VI .... Rocky Balboa

Who was the greatest, who was the best of all time...

Rocky Balboa (formerly known as Rocky VI) is a film written by, directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone as underdog boxer Rocky Balboa.

Stallone has done the near impossible thing.. a 60 year old takes on a current boxing champ.. But what a way to give a send off.. seriously, I did not like the way the Vth was taken.. movie was good but not for a send off.. I missed seeing rocky inside the ring.. all rocky fans, every one who watched Rocky-I would watch this..

But why did stallone wanted to get this movie out..??

here, this is what the director got to say...

I just didn't like the way the last one ended. Truthfully I thought the last one it, it just wasn't over, you know, you think it's over, and you really go back and you rehash it in your own mind like an athlete. You go, "God, you know, maybe I just retired too soon. Maybe Rocky just retired too soon." And yeah, someone told him he had problems. He had health problems. He, he had a little brain damage, but he never even had a second opinion. He just automatically assumed it. We do have our ups and downs, and it was a down side of his life. But I think that the real affirmation of life is what comes after that? Do you come out of that valley or not, you know?

No great words or quotes.. but just what we all felt.. sadly, it is not being released in INDIA.. not the first day....

Rocky [SYLVESTER STALLONE] takes a hard shot from Mason Dixon [ANTONIO TARVER] when the final round of the Academy Award-winning Rocky franchise hits theaters on December 20, 2006. Written and directed by SYLVESTER STALLONE. Sly and former light heavyweight champ, Antonio Tarver traded real blows in an effort to make Rocky's last fight his most realistic. -Craig Zablo

"They just want to prove that the last thing to age is the heart." And this is just, you know, a symbolic gesture that when you're young at heart you're basically in the game.

As ROCKY BALBOA always said... "It's not about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit. And keep moving forward."