Friday, November 24, 2006

A Place to play flash games. [incredible-dimensions]

A Place to play flash games, no need to download any game rather you can directly play on the site - This is just for those flash game lovers. Please leave a comment in to help me add more interesting games, just leave the name of the game you want to play or let me know how to integrate the same on web page. Click Here to start playing. INCREDIBLE DIMENSIONS

Thursday, November 23, 2006

What is google doing to make orkut mobile?

In shor the answer to the above question would be Dodgeball.

O! what Dodgeball? okie... Dodgeball is another SNS (Social networking Site) which google acquired last year, just that it is a mobile social networking site unlike orkut which is not yet on mobile.

So, google is going to integrate Dodgeball and Orkut.. which will make orkut go mobile.

here are few reasons why I think Google is going to integrate Dodgeball and Orkut...

1. Orkut has much more than Dodgeball but the later is much better on mobile and has already covered 22 cities.

2. Social networking has been the biggest thing going in 2006 (MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, etc). And it looks like mobile will be big next year. So SNS + Mobile seems the logical sequel.

3. Demographics are similar between Orkut and Dodgeball. All evidence points to Dodgeball being used mostly by young people. In Brazil, home to 65-70% (this is interesting) of the Orkut user base, it is mostly 13-30 year olds who use Orkut.

Anyways, I am not yet sure if this is going to happen anytime soon but as John Battelle even kind of predicted it back in May 2005, with this comment: "What is Dodgeball? I dunno, but is seems like Orkut + Mobile done right, I think."

But for sure the future is SNS + Mobile, isn't it cool you know what your freinds are doing online when you are on a move, waiting for a freind on the street, chatting with friends in those never ending traficc jams or just finding a new freind who is also stuck in the same traffic jam (cool.. I am coming up with crzy ideas).. I am gona stop it here... Orkut in Mobile is definetly coooool.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Money and Man

H.R.Khanna, former Indian supreme court justice, while inaugrating a seminar on company law:
It has been said if a man runs after money, he is money mad;
if he keeps it, he is a capitalis;
if he spends it, he is a playboy;
if he does not get it, he is a ne'er-do-well;
if does not try to get it, he lacks ambition.
Similarly, if he gets it without working for it, he is a parasite;
if he accumulates it after a lifetime of hard work, people call him a fool who never got anything out of life.

This clearly means, that money never matters, its the passion and your interest which you need to work for..

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sony Playstation's The Rule of Rose has shocked Europe's justice commissioner

The "obscene cruelty" of a psychological horror computer game has sparked calls for an EU-wide crackdown to safeguard children.

Sony Playstation's The Rule of Rose has so shocked Europe's justice commissioner Franco Frattini that he has written to all EU governments urging action to tighten controls on "dreadful" games which show and glorify violence.

He is demanding talks on the issue when Home Affairs ministers meet in Brussels next month.

He said: "An increasing number of such games display and even glorify violence, sometimes extreme violence."

"In particular one of the latest games (The Rule of Rose) relates to a young girl who becomes submitted to psychological and physical violence.

"This has shocked me profoundly for its obscene cruelty and brutality."

The Rule of Rose is a horror game involving a girl kidnapped by a secret society of orphans. The game has already caused controversy in Mr Frattini's native Italy, where the Mayor of Rome has vowed to have it banned.

Mr Frattini said: "Games where you are supposed to shoot down ordinary people walking on the streets or where you have to bully children at schools are other examples of obscene and perverse games.

"These types of games are dreadful examples for our children and may provoke or encourage violence or bully behaviour by children, or suggest this is a normal behaviour."

The Commissioner adds: "It is first and foremost the responsibility of the parents to protect children from such games, but I nevertheless think that we at member state and European level also have to take responsibility to protect children's rights."

Last July the Commission published its ideas for an "EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child".

Now Mr Frattini wants the Home Affairs ministers meeting on December 5 to take a first look at how to increase awareness of the potential risks of violent computer games with tougher labelling and restrictions on sales to youngsters.

He is suggesting a follow-up conference early next year to consider a new voluntary code of conduct on the production of interactive games for children.

He said: "We could focus on the relationship between our children and the interactive world they are confronted with nowadays - a world which brings windows of positive opportunities as well as potential dangers."

The Rule of Rose was released by Sony's Japanese division, but the company has left it to other publishers to handle wider distribution, including in America, Italy and the UK.

After the Mayor of Rome condemned the game, Corrado Buonanno of Sony Computer Entertainment reportedly described the game as "unsuitable for the Italian and European public because of its content".


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tip #1 on how to solve Sudoku puzzles.

If you don't know how to play read the previous post [How to play Sudoku? :) Its fun. It's challenging. It's adictive!]

There's no right or wrong place to start – but we do have to start somewhere, so let's look at the three boxes at the top of the puzzle.

There's a 1 in the middle box, and a 1 in the box on the right – but the box on the left still needs a 1. At first glance you might think the 1 could go into any of the four empty cells. However, the 1 cannot go in the top row of the box, because the top row of the grid already has a 1. A grid-row has room for only one of each number. Nor can the 1 go in the second row of the box because the second row of the grid already has a 1. There's only one place left for the 1 to go.

Look for similar patterns elsewhere. You'll see something similar with the 2s in the stack of boxes down the middle. The top box doesn't have its 2 yet. There is a 2 in each of the center and bottom boxes, so we can rule out five of the seven empty cells in the top box. This is not quite the same situation as before, because there are two places the 2 could go. Some people just guess where the 2 should go, but it is better to use logic. It's best to have a reason why a particular number must go in a particular place.It's time to look in the other direction – at the rows of the grid, not just the columns. The third grid-row from the top already has its 2, so we can rule out one extra cell from the top box. Now there's only one place left for the 2 to go.

Sometimes you can build on success. Let's see if that 2 leads us to success in the top-right box. After considering the rows, we can rule out only four of the seven empty cells. Even after considering the columns, we can rule out only five cells, still leaving two places for the 2 to go. Never mind, we learned something about where the 2 can go in the top-right box.

In fact, you might like to lightly pencil a small ‘2’ into each of the possible cells. In the Sudoku program these small numbers are called pencilmarks and they can be added and removed very easily.

Pencilmarks are useful reminders, but be sparing with them. Using too many can cloud the issues you are trying to clarify.

What next?

This technique on this page will get you launched into solving, but to finish a puzzle you may need to discover other techniques as well. Maybe you would prefer to make those discoveries on your own. It's certainly possible – you don't need to read or search for any more techniques on this stuff. So, if this page has sparked enough ideas for you to start solving right now, good luck and enjoy!

How to play Sudoku? :) Its fun. It's challenging. It's adictive!

I have seen people asking how to play Sudoku, it's quite a old game now!! everyone should know how to play. I asked one of my friend if he plays sudoku, he said he does not like games which invloves maths.. come on.. there's no maths involved. The grid has numbers. but nothing has to add up to anything else.

You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

Its simple... just " Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. "

Its fun. It's challenging. It's adictive!

Wanna Play a Game, Click here... :-)))) (its a grid with quite a few puzzles)

Solving time is typically from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill and experience.
You did not get it yet... here read this for clear explanation.. [Tip #1 on how to solve Sudoku puzzles] this is more of technique which will let you solve the puzzle, in fact a clear example.