Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lets be nice to non-vegetarians

The Future of Animal Farming: Renewing the Ancient ContractAfter writing about giving back the energy in a easily usable form basing Avatar as its backdrop... I got a chance to write on a similar but specific topic to BoSF when a member of BoSF shared their views on animal cruelty and why we should stop eating in joints like kfc, mcdonalds etc.., I would like to start by sharing an interesting quote made by one of the members of BoSF... "Lets respect simple!!! and LESS." My thought process related to this subject is little different... I will try to put forward my views and see how they shape out. The subject itself is so vast... so, let me start by picking up the essence of the quote "Lets respect simple!!! and LESS".

If we go back to few centuries, we (human race) all lived purely on non-veg and occasionally on fruits... what ever cast, religion we all may belong to, our great(to the power of n) grand fathers were non-vegetarians and back then things were balanced. Hunting used to be balanced, they used to hunt mostly the week and made sure they never ran out of animals to hunt. Though humans may have moved away from the concept of balance, animals still follow that concept. We always respected our food, did not eat less but we never used to overeat. Over centuries something went really wrong, some how our fathers forgot to follow the balance in our own race... we grew in numbers, stopped thinking about future, we had to feed the hungry, so we killed more and more animals and one day realized that the animals are no more an option to live on and invented agriculture!!

There started the doom of this planet, if only we all still lived on meat, if only we never cut down the trees to do agriculture, this would have been a totally different planet all together. Agriculture is the main reason for cutting down forests, not buildings, neither is animal farming! Agriculture is the main reason for building dams not for drinking water!  Imagine, if there were less non-vegetarians or absolutely no non-vegetarians at now this planet would have been a hot barren land. Yes, its complex and arguable.

Speaking of cruelty, which is evident now, growth in population and thus agriculture has caused great pain not just to our race alone but the whole planet. Sometimes I feel meat is simple. How about all non-vegetarians start protesting against eating green and agriculture in first place... sounds insane isn't it!!... damn! this sounds insane to me too!

Anyways, I am just trying to bring in a different dimension altogether... animal cruelty is not going to stop because 25% (that's the maximum change, an unimaginable percentage of success rate these kind of protests can bring) of this worlds population stops eating non-veg. I strongly believe that people who would like to work against animal cruelty should stop asking people to quit eating non-veg and should start investigating the issue, try to use the law to bring change in animal farming... set few guidelines and make sure that the animal farmers follow them.

It is really not going to stop animal cruelty by making people to stop going to any of these joints... and scientifically speaking not all which looks green is good for health nor all meat is bad for health.

Btw, most of you might already know... in 98% of poultry farms, chicken is not allowed to move more than 5feet in its lifetime... cruel!! Why don't we start working towards setting few guidelines for poultry in order to reduce or eradicate animal cruelty in poultry.