Friday, December 24, 2004


Seen this good movie on 24/12/2005 with my friend siri. Before you start reading this post just don't think that this bugger got inspired by seeing a moive, huh, I used to hate people who get inspired seeing movies but this time it was my turn. Yes, i liked this movie but can't say that I am inspired..because I am still in bangalore, did not resign, still working for the But for sure i liked this movie. Ok, its not because of the song " Yunhi Chala Chal " nor becasue of Shahrukh Khan's or Gayatri Joshi's acting. It was the concept, yes it was the concept of finding happines in helping your own country people, it was the concept of finding happines in seeing others smile, it is the concept of working hard, it is the concept of project managment :)...yes hell lot of things...i learnt a lot...

Then what i am doing here, i am really not sure, i want to earn money...for happliy....but i will be more than happy if i help others...huh, i can do it from here..but again how...give out money...funding...nonsense..why would i do that. I never knew what is going to happen to that money. So, whats the best option..go to a place where people really need me. May be i am at the rite place...may be my company needs me more than anyone do...but again, its only my skills and dedication they need from me...which they can get from others and there many wating.

No one whats to go back to a remote place and start helping others...I am one among them...huh, sharuks dialog...i am `kudgarz`... may be i am, no i am. Then why don't i change myslef...why am i still here....i really don't know...what do i want to do....go out with my girl friend spend sometime talking to her..earn some some programming which i like to do...spend sometime ion going in my life...why am i not moved by all those people who aer suffering because of some or the other education, money...ok, i have both of them i don't have enough money...i will earn enough money and go and help people...enough much is enough much do i want to much do i want to save...why do i want to save...i am going out of topic...Swades....

i ask myself, why? why? why? why?...i am not sure why?...i want to help others but i am not doing be i don't want i want to....god damit...whats happening with me...huh, Swades inspired me...

Conclusion...i will be happy if atleast one person changes after seeing that, i say its a must see movie....I don't want to write more...i am confused, fed up of asking question to myslef..ok, let me be happy by seeing others helping others...dam I am Kudgarz...

Ye Jo Des he mera..Swades..he mera...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Planning for New Year

Never expected such a mail from anyone from our group, but nithin did, he sent a mail regd. "planning for new year". That was cool, but none replied for 2 days and nithin could not stay wait..he sent..he sent another mail...Which said "Guys...?", that's it..I thought I should reply and I replied, replied saying I am in...Then ravi replied with big red italic word saying option1...ha, i forgotto say...when nithin sent the mail he gave 2 options...option1-gettogether in someones place...Option2-2 day ha..So, i was saying ravi..ya, ravi replied with a big red color italic word saying Option1...then came the mail which was completely unexpected..yes, mail from ashok...Saying its too early to decide but option2 is better. wow! that was cool..he has a girlfriend and gave preference to us. Yup, i liked that...Immediately sent him a mail explaining my surprising face when i saw the mail...thats it ashok thought this is the best time to reply saying nearly no...he said santosh you got me dude na.., now it was nithin's turn..he seemed to be happy because it was nearly a good reply from everyone. Need to receive confirmation from ragav and keshav. If yes from those guys then I am not available on 31st and 1st....I am one can reach me...because we are planning to go to a remote place.... :)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Forest gump

Wow! long back one of my friend said forest gump is a must see movie for everyone, nearly 4 years back. Then started my search for forest gump vcd, never got it. May be i did not try with full effort. I just said to my friends and when ever i checked out for vcds - i surely asked for forest gump. But, recently i felt i need to see this movie soon. Then went to a vcd shop and asked them to get me a vcd. Atlast after bugging them everyday for 2 weeks yesterday they got me the vcd. I never saw the cover of forest gump - it was white background with TomHanks sitting on the bench.

The movie was good, but did not feel the same what i thought i would feel when i seeing the movie. Movie was different - after the movie i thought i should also work like a physic. If i want to or think of doing something then i have to do it.

I liked the way Tom acted, his acting was simply superb. I still remember a dialogue from that movie "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get".