Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Planning for New Year

Never expected such a mail from anyone from our group, but nithin did, he sent a mail regd. "planning for new year". That was cool, but none replied for 2 days and nithin could not stay wait..he sent..he sent another mail...Which said "Guys...?", that's it..I thought I should reply and I replied, replied saying I am in...Then ravi replied with big red italic word saying option1...ha, i forgotto say...when nithin sent the mail he gave 2 options...option1-gettogether in someones place...Option2-2 day trip..cool ha..So, i was saying ravi..ya, ravi replied with a big red color italic word saying Option1...then came the mail which was completely unexpected..yes, mail from ashok...Saying its too early to decide but option2 is better. wow! that was cool..he has a girlfriend and gave preference to us. Yup, i liked that...Immediately sent him a mail explaining my surprising face when i saw the mail...thats it ashok thought this is the best time to reply saying nearly no...he said santosh you got me correct..wow.cool dude na.., now it was nithin's turn..he seemed to be happy because it was nearly a good reply from everyone. Need to receive confirmation from ragav and keshav. If yes from those guys then I am not available on 31st and 1st....I am dead..no one can reach me...because we are planning to go to a remote place.... :)

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