Monday, December 21, 2009

Year-End Zeitgeist

zeitgeist /tsīt'gīst'/ The zeitgeist of a particular place during a particular period in history is the attitudes and ideas that are generally common there at that time, especially the attitudes and ideas shown in literature, philosophy, and politics.

Year-End Zeitgeist is a collection of search trends over 2009 that offers a glimpse at the collective consciousness. Google has compiled Zeitgeist since 2001 — this year you can explore what was on the minds of citizens all over the globe, in dozens of languages.

Each year, Google examines the billions of queries that people around the world have typed into Google search to discover the zeitgeist—the spirit of the times. Take a moment, look back at the happenings of 2009—the people, events and memories that made this year unique.


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