Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Search Trends 2009

After writing about the google search trends for the year 2009, I got this wired idea about finding out my own search trends for year 2009... I use only google for searching and I use less of address box and more of google search box in the google toolbar for mozilla firefox. And then I remembered that I had activated google web history few months ago... to my surprise google actully has a trends link in google web history. Its kinda scares me how much I use google... :( You can know a lot about me by looking at these search queries... Like what interests me, my work,. what time of the day I am most active etc.., What more.... here I go!!

Top queries

  1. css layout
  2. lorem ipsum
  3. youtube
  4. $ in INR
  5. ===censored===
  6. kalamandir
  7. secunderabad
  8. entrepreneurs blog
  9. jquery image slider
  10. time california

Top sites
  1. www.answers.com
  2. en.wikipedia.org
  3. www.google.com
  4. www.php.net
  5. wordpress.org
  6. www.w3schools.com
  7. groups.google.com
  8. www.youtube.com
  9. ted.com
  10. www.lipsum.com

Top clicks
  1. Lorem Ipsum - All the facts - Lipsum generator
  2. CSS Layout: A collection of 224 Grid and CSS Layouts
  3. Welcome To National Board Of Examination
  4. Go Daddy Coupons, Go Daddy Coupon Codes, Go Daddy Promotions, Go ...
  5. Template Tags/wp list pages « WordPress Codex
  6. http://translate.google.com/
  7. Godaddy promo code and coupon list for 2009 - Page 1 of 45
  8. Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy Helicopter Nallamala Forest ...
  9. jQuery lightBox plugin
  10. Downloading jQuery - jQuery JavaScript Library

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