Thursday, November 23, 2006

What is google doing to make orkut mobile?

In shor the answer to the above question would be Dodgeball.

O! what Dodgeball? okie... Dodgeball is another SNS (Social networking Site) which google acquired last year, just that it is a mobile social networking site unlike orkut which is not yet on mobile.

So, google is going to integrate Dodgeball and Orkut.. which will make orkut go mobile.

here are few reasons why I think Google is going to integrate Dodgeball and Orkut...

1. Orkut has much more than Dodgeball but the later is much better on mobile and has already covered 22 cities.

2. Social networking has been the biggest thing going in 2006 (MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, etc). And it looks like mobile will be big next year. So SNS + Mobile seems the logical sequel.

3. Demographics are similar between Orkut and Dodgeball. All evidence points to Dodgeball being used mostly by young people. In Brazil, home to 65-70% (this is interesting) of the Orkut user base, it is mostly 13-30 year olds who use Orkut.

Anyways, I am not yet sure if this is going to happen anytime soon but as John Battelle even kind of predicted it back in May 2005, with this comment: "What is Dodgeball? I dunno, but is seems like Orkut + Mobile done right, I think."

But for sure the future is SNS + Mobile, isn't it cool you know what your freinds are doing online when you are on a move, waiting for a freind on the street, chatting with friends in those never ending traficc jams or just finding a new freind who is also stuck in the same traffic jam (cool.. I am coming up with crzy ideas).. I am gona stop it here... Orkut in Mobile is definetly coooool.

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