Thursday, November 09, 2006

Orkut on mobile

Updated 03/26/2008: Here Orkut has released the mobile version of orkut..

You can check,

1) New friend requests
2) Scraps
3) Updates from friends
4) My updates
5) My Profile
6) Friends
7) Search Friends

Pretty decent and serves the purpose.

You cannot yet access your communities or do anything related to communities. If you are using really browser like opera mini, safari on iphone you can use the below given way to access your orkut account and you will get access to everything..


The integration of orkut with gtalk does not seem to be so great (at least this isn't the full version).. anyways it just works..

Was wondering if orkut would release a version for mobile... sending/receiving scraps on your mobile.. I searched around and found that they might in fact release something on those lines..

Anyways, before they release you can still access orkut on your mobile.. just point your mobile browser to

yo... freaked out.. here someone created a tinyurl... point your browser to... ... have fun :)


Karen said...

The site sez secure and m unable to log in

Anonymous said...

Hey Santosh I tried this, and it showed the Google accounts page. But after I entered my ID n password, it said 'Logging in...'
N then it just stopped at that screen n did not fully load. can u please suggest some solution to this problem? :(

Anonymous said...

Now the sky is clear........ Use opera mini 4 .... no problem in scrappping.,.....


Cool opera mini 4. best of the best of the best & reallllly great I am using it form past 3 month it works great & so fast & exactly same as that of your computer with 1024x768 resolution. you can install it very easily. just got to your mobile browser & search on google or use website. After getting this browser I am sure you will simply forget your mobile browser.


I am talking about opera mini 4 java. I dont know wheather it works on symbian also or not. I am having MOTOROLA ROKR E6 from when i can open html sites also . But it requires internet connection. It works great with internet connection & motorokr e6 in built browser. But if you want to open orkut with wap connection. Usually your service orovider blocks secure sites. or somtimes problem occurs while loadin secure site. So use opera mini 4 java basis. & enjoyyyy.


I am using opera mini 4 & 3.1 also. Because for some sites login dosent accepts on opera mini 4 so you can open it from opera mini 3.1. opera mini 3.1 is the best for functioning. & opera mini 4 is best for its display. ICICI banks login, rediffbol login & mobango login dosent accepts even you enter correct password. So for this use opera mini 3.1. if you want to contact me you can ask question personally also "".
You wont believe I am posting this comment through opera mini 4 only. at a time 1024 bytes you can writte. Because of touch screen my mobile is now converted into PC. & now i think i dont need PC. Atleast for browsing.

Siddharth said...
check this url man, I think it'll be fine for browsing from any handset..
I've not tried it but yeah.. I guess it'll work..
leave a message on my blog.. if possible.. :)

Anonymous said...

Orkut has finally released a mobile friendly site. Details here -

Anonymous said...

Hey m usin opera4.1 sinc long time bt nw when i try 2 login my orkut account a blank page is displayd with Google written on its top...pleas tel me how to sign in my id is gaur.Aman@yahoo.Co.In

Anonymous said...

Hey thats rite Mr.
.....i receive d same page as u told....for d past 4 days....dunno wats wrong ?? I hav been using orkut and gmail on my mobile for d last 4 months and tis is d first time i hav cum acros such an error......guys...... if u hav any idea on how to solve tis issue....pls comment !!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys same thing happens with me..I have been using orkut from my mobile from quite a time but never such problem arrived..Just the name google appears on top.. Do pl help guys..Harshit

Ajay said...

Hello guys,
i m also facing same problem while surfing on my phone i m also using opera mini 4 for last 3 months but now for last 4-5 day whenever i tried to checkout my orkut account then only google is written at the top of d screen. Help me also.. My id is singla.Ajay8@gmail.Com..

Anonymous said...

Oh God....Now a new problem hav occur guys whts dis???
Again m nt able 2 login my orkut id n dis tim a blank white page is displayed after i login....Hey plz tel nw what 2 do m usin opera 4.1 n 3....n both hav thes problm
[ Gaur.Aman@yahoo.Co.In ]

Anonymous said...

gosh i have same prob as few above . please find some way out guys.

Creative Ritual!! said...

@Sudarshan, @Ajay

Please use There seems to be a problem when you access the full site instead of the wap... I have tried this numerous times and orkut seems to be having a problem here... This might be because of the incapability of mobile phones to handle complex ajax scripts, as orkut had rolled out a new version with lots of web2.0 features.

Nevertheless, the wap version works like charm. Do, let me know if you guys are haing the problem accessing the wap version too.

Btw, I tested the above on P1i.. with the default browser and Opera Mini 4.1.1

Anonymous said...

Hey i knw d mobile version is workin bt what d hel we can do 4m it. It has so much limitations so pleas give sm other suggesns yar m usin n70. N also a different issue is also dere my frend is using NOP airtel service n he is able to open orkut in opera 3 wid n72. N m usin MOBILE OFFICE in my n70 but nt able 2 open desktop version of orkut in any of the opera. Plz tel me what 2 do yar thanx n do reply [gaur.Aman@yahoo.Co.In]

pavan said...

sir i wish to see when any of my friend or any body sends scrap or mail to me i want immidate message for my mobile how can this possilble and for this... what i have to do...?