Monday, December 15, 2008

Google SearchWiki

SearchWiki.... not sure if Wiki is the right word to use - should have just named it Search 2.0 ... anyways, this new version of Search has quite a few cool features... Just google for anything and you will see three new icons.. 1. Promote 2. Remove 3. Comment - Now this will help Google in personalising your search more and give even better results based on the feedback they get. This is a great way to display more accurate results - this can do everything what a bot cannot. Moving results up and down is cool.. the animation is smoother..

Search Wiki is dedicated only for users which "Google tips and messages" are in English language. For testing SearchWiki, change your preferences (on main site).


Rajib said...

Nice one Santosh....pretty good blog....I like quite a few posts here...keep up the good work and keep blogging

Raju said...

Your blog informations is a very useful.

Creative Ritual!! said...

@Rajib,@Raju, thanku thanku!!