Sunday, April 13, 2008

Go invisible with Gtalk ( Google Talk )

I know I know, this is a very old question but too many have asked me this question... How do I go Invisible on Gtalk???

Ha, pretty simple, this feature never existed when gtalk saw the light - its a new feature, okie.. no so new... anyways, heres how you go invisible..

1. Login into your GMail.

2. Check the for Sing into Gtalk option on the left side below the menu.

3. SingIn and the click on the dropdown just below the search, add, invite textbox.

4. And there you will find the option Invisible, thats it, you select that option and you become god. You can see everyone but no one can see you.

Hell I already know this,
How can I go Invisible on
Desktop Gtalk... you know
the standalone Gtalk app-
lication??? How do I??

ok ok, I understand your frustration.. invisible option is not yet provided on Gtalk Standalone/Desktop application.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hey i know how to go invisible on gmail. I mean the GTALK? there's no option offering us to go
"invisible" you know. hope u can see the difference between Gmail chat and Gtalk chat.

ov said...

There is no option to be Invisible or Appear Offline on Google Talk. You can use Gtalk Lab's edition where Invisible Option embed in it.