Thursday, September 27, 2007

Google power point presentation

So, here it is...

The all new Google PowerPoint replica on web and they call it Google Presentation. Do you use Gmail? ok I know, who doesn't, its a great application, when you receive a .ppt file as attachment, gmail displays a small link beside the attachment which says "view presentation", click on that and you can see your presentation on a browser - exactly the way microsoft power point slide show works. But it did not let us create or share a ppt online TILL NOW.

YES, Google released the all new, loaded with features, with inbuilt themes, loaded into Google Docs, BRANDED GOOGLE PRESENTATION ... you can share the ppt with others, no more downloading and not being able to view if you don't have MS office, more than one user can edit it at the same time... this is awesome and I am loving it.

The best part, you can send this link to 100's of them and start a presentation... now every one can simultaneously communicate as they view the ppt using the similar to gtalk application inbuilt into google docs. Isn't this just what we need.

My Wish List for Google Presentation:

1. Provide a API so that we can integrate the same into our websites.
2. Let us create themes, a place where we can create themes and link to the users to can use them.
3. As you have already integrated group chat, integrating a voice would be gerat.. so that we can talk while presenting the same.

Do you have a wish list for Google presentation!! add it to the comments and I will pass it on to Google Guys. :)

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