Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Google Channel on YouTube

Much has been made of the 'YouTube' phenomenon, which has emerged
thanks to relatively inexpensive and easy to operate video cameras,
faster computers with more storage space (to hold all that footage)
and easy uploading. The creativity and fun factor are worth
celebrating -- but don't lose sight of online video's ability to show,
tell, teach, and share information quickly. Increasingly, businesses
are showcasing their products, promoting their initiatives and
exposing their employees via video. You may learn something or you may
dislike the marketing messages, but either way, better get used to it
- corporate use of popular online video channels is here to stay. In
Google's case, we've chosen to share quite a few talks by technology
gurus and popular authors, conversations with presidential candidates
(all of whom we've invited to visit our Mountain View campus), and
other presentations and product demonstrations -- and we're adding
more material all the time. Enjoy the view.

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