Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Nokia 888 communicator changes shape on demand

Nokia recently unveiled a new concept phone (the Nokia 888) that changes shape on demand. The product took home first place in Nokia's Benelux design contest, thanks to a number of innovative features - such as liquid batteries, a flexible touch screen, and speech recognition - that make traditional mobile phone keys obsolete. The product even has a great tagline - "Perfect form does not exist... Form follows you." The Nokia 888 has the ability to transform how people think about mobile communication devices:

"A personal mobile communication device which lets you be free and fun. It is light, simple and carefree. You can change its form according to your needs during the day. You don't have to carry it in your pocket or on your wrist. You can carry it anywhere, in any form. You can roll it, bend it, put on your clothes like a clip. It also makes some form changes that makes it more ergonomical, i.e. when you want to talk on the phone, the body form turns into the form of the good old telephone. You can personalize these forms and record them. So it fits you the best in the way that you have chosen. Also e-motions let you send forms to other 888 users: i.e. you can send a heart shape to your girlfriend or a dancing figure to your friends to call them to the party tonight. This way you can talk without words."

The phone was designed by Tamer Nakisci for Nokia. Anyway, check out the comments on the Yanko Design site - people are calling the new phone "mind blowing," freaky," "really unbelievable" and "amazing." And, of course, there are the naysayers, who claim the phone is a "fake" (perhaps because a really annoying and really intrusive poker & casino advertisement pops up whenever you try to find out more about the Nokia 888 phone). It looks like there is a ready market for the phone if Nokia is able to move it from concept to mass-market commercial product.

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