Friday, November 17, 2006

Casino Royale Review (2006, 17th November)

Casino Royale - I am not happy with the story, acting, or in fact anything in the movie. Sandy bought tickets for the movie a day before anticipating the rush. First of all symphony was quite nosiy and not very comfortable seating arrangment. About the movie, the movie lacked the bond style from the very begining, the black and white titles, its definetly old style and copied from other movies. Then comes the first 5 mins of movie, the chase, the guy whome bond was chasing was pretty good and had a perfect style but not bond, he was trying very hard to run. Then comes the story, its definelty not a story which can make upto a bond movie. Bond movies have always been about gadgets, cars, bond girls and much more but the movie lacked every bit of it. Bond looks pretty nervous through out the movie, he tries hard to smile and does not impress any girl in the movie, in fact too old. In one line, the new bond, does not look cool, too old, does not have the style. It is just another movie. Which I am sure will not make a good business.

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