Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I have been following meebo from the day it started, thanks to nithin who sent me the link to meebo. For those who don’t know about meebo, it’s one of those startups which was started by three. Meebo’s product simply “web messenger”. No doubt this is the best web messenger I have used till date. Anyways, more than their product I am interested in their business and it makes you feel good when you see start ups like meebo, which started just few months ago and they are already big. May not be as big as any other software company but they are recruiting and have recently moved to a new office in Silicon Valley. The following posts part one, part two, part three on their blog about from where they are getting funds was very interesting and gave me quite a good knowledge about VC’s and something new I learnt was about angle investors.

When you see startups like meebo you will be inspired and inspiration for you to do something, something similar which you have been thinking to do from past couple of years. Even though it is difficult to do it all alone, believe me it is not easy - the times when I felt to quit doing everything, reason: at this stage it can be anything like when you have to be with your family, when you feel your family needs your help and things like when you see people of your same age are making more money by working for someone else and many more.. and being alone I feel is the biggest drawback.. as you don’t have anyone else to talk to, talk about your ideas, help you in what you are doing, be a support – but again I think people with real passion and believe in themselves; believe that they can make it will never quit. Anyways at times when you feel low companies like meebo becomes the factor for your motivation. Want to write more but got to go.. need to get ready for meeting a client… btw, this client is also in verge of starting a company.. he has invested big time.. lets see how successful he will be in market.. his product will be out very soon.. will post about him and his company..

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Arthi said...

Yeah... I follow Meebo too... Nice site, esp the fact the it combines all the IMs. Glad to know you find inspiration here.

Otherwise howz the marketing going?