Sunday, February 12, 2006

Things I started to observe and not doing anything about them...

!) A traffic police stops a auto (you know the small auto, which carries goods) and charges for no reason, the auto guy tries to defend but they threaten to seize the auto. They charge him 250 bucks, I did not find any reason why the auto guy should be fined.

!!) Parking lot, the parking guy helps me park by bike and take it out.. also takes care of it while others are parking.. I pay him 2 bucks for all this.. End of the day 2 police men come and take almost 50% of his earnings, reason.. hmmm, no reason..

P.S. *I did not do anything about it..
**To all the sons and daughters of these corrupted officers, you are the only one who can change your mother or father.. just don't accept anything they buy you which they cannot afford with their salary.

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