Thursday, August 18, 2005

focused, when will i or what will make me

I get so many ideas..ideas to change things…ideas to create new things…when ever I am ready with my idea..there would have been number of hours spent on it analyzing it..only then I tell someone or start doing it..but my problem is I start and stop it…infact never stop it but slow down..slow down so much that it takes lot of time to see the final product…I know that it is a mistake..i know that I should start and complete one thing at one time…but I am not sure I am not doing..not sure what is my problem..not sure how to stop this and control myself and be focused…huh, this is becoming sick…I need to change myself…are there any books which will change me or make me stable…or do I have to visit a psychiatrist…looks like I need some type of…what?

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