Friday, April 08, 2005

Dont act smart when you are ill.. take rest and first visit a doc..

Past 2 weeks have been most unproductive weeks of my recent years. It all started with a throat infection, even though my throat was not well…went to coffeeday with friends and had some cold mango milkshake…then slowly that night body temperature started increasing...after that I was completely into it. For a day I thought it will reduce by itself and ignored, the next day treated myself got my own medicines.... it never decreased, still kept on working, had to shift my room, carried all my stuff three floors down….it started becoming worse and I at last thought of visiting a doc...even delayed in this saying, ok let me go tomorrow...but after a couple of days I was not able to even properly stand for 10 mins and went to a hospital on sunday….unfortunately..or may be fortunately only a MBBS was available...thought better to visit than none...went inside to see a beautiful doc aged around 25-27...I was bit shy when she asked me to open my mouth and started peeping into it...I took my time explaining her...wanted to spend more time with her...even though there were more patience she did not seem to be in a hurry...looked like both of us enjoyed each other company...spent nearly 25 mins with her...chatting and telling her how stupid i was not visit a doc before and asked her to give some strong medicine or a injection so that i can get well in a day...she laughed and said she cant give a injection as i had congestion and a injection would increase it...i had to leave after 25 mins...she wrote me good number of those 25mins she just pepped into my mouth and moved the seta scope all over my chest and back...that’s all...did not know from where i got all that energy to talk to her...started using the last today i am still left with a minor headache...tomorrow i will be in tirupathi and from there I will be traveling to hyderabad to see my mom and dad ...overall all productivity in past one and half week...two hours a day even though i slogged for hours together in front of my computer...

p.s. don't act too soon as you are ill don't use your software brain to medicate your self...there are people who are studying for years together to do to a doc a beautiful doc…feel good factor ;)….Listen to friends and take rest...


Anonymous said...

Hi Santosh,
Good stuff...keep it up
"ive alone try to be independent
lovely Doctor/Nurse the will take care cos you got money
a million bucks but you don't want that
what you need?
You need someone that can look at your disguisting face and say everything going to fine"

Sudhi Nair

Anuradha said...


When living alone, falling ill is the worst thing that can happen to you. I had a similiar spell sometime in november.

But then as they say all is well thats end well ( beautiful doctor)...:-)